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finished boyfriend book! :)

I posted the (almost finished) cover of my boyfriend book recently asking for opinions on it (post).  Well, I finally finished the whole book!  We're both 21, just celebrated 6 months together, and this is part of his Christmas present.  He suggested I make art for him expressing my feelings for him, so that's what I did :)


I was very much inspired by these boyfriend books (as in I took direct quotes/ideas from them at times), so thank you sooo much to these people especially!!! hope you don't mind, your books rocked :)
by thebirds
by weightless

here it is from the side. I glued/sewed snaps onto the same strips of fabric I used on the binding of the book, to keep it closed.

the back

now, onto the actual pages :)

he gave me a white rose on our first date before he kissed me for the first time :) one of our fav memories together. also, I've been waiting to give that poem to a boyfriend since I first read it when I was 16.  He's pretty special to me :)

this totally sums up our first date and us in general (we're both pretty quiet). We met online and talked through text for 3 months before meeting.  On our first date there were lots of comfortablenotawkward silences as if we had known each other forever :)

the envelope opens up to reveal 50 slips of paper that have, well, different ways to say I love you.  They include ways that we show/say our love for each other as well as how to say I love you in different languages (with the language written on the back):

he can badly kick my butt at Scrabble :p

this is more personal to specifically him, I think... I wish I did more pages like it :(

we're about an hour away from each other when he's at college and when he's home

we saw them in concert, and for this song, the lead singer came out into the crowd to perform it acoustically.  We were in the second row from him and my boyfriend held me and we swayed as this played :)

I could find tons more adjectives to describe him, but these ones especially boost his ego when I tell him hahaha

as in our relationship haha.  But I also wanna make another book for him later on :)

Any comments, opinions and critiques are greatly appreciated!! :)

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