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jr__nal's Journal

Soul into paper: Cut&Paste. Watercolors. Inks. Bad polaroids & fake photography.

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ABOUT: Cut and paste. Magazines. Watercolors. Inks. Bad polaroids and fake photography. Overpriced moleskines and composition notebooks. We run to paper instead of people, and sometimes... we get tired of just plain words. Sometimes we need badly drawn portraits and the things we see inside our heads when we'd rather not see at all. This for the girls and boys who keep journals and diaries, for the ones who gave up on locking them up. We're here to share. Give us some inspiration, or come find your own.

001. please use an lj-cut if you're images are on the larger end (usually 500x500 or bigger)
002. please use an lj-cut for text-only posts.
003. nudity and bad language are allowed.
004. drive-by-advertising for shops, products, etc, is not allowed.
005. please check our tags section for FAQ (this community boasts YEARS of questions and experiments). If you have seriously looked and not found your answer, ask away.
006. feel free to tag your own entries to help with 005.

MODS: hellaine. distantiation.

CONTACT INFO if you have questions, need help, or need a mod to intervene in a problem with another user LJ message hellaine.

Out of ideas? Try these places out:

Sabrina Ward Harrison
Keri Smith (you can find all sorts of journal/writing ideas sprinkled all over her site, particularly her blog)
Daydreaming on Paper
Modern Gypsy

if you need more inspiration, please check out the following communities that give more nudging & discussing:
art_planners - starving artist? (no!) day jobs & everyday life with art in it every day.

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